Curbside Consulting

This newest addition to the JKC toolbox combines all three elements of John Kennedy Consulting into one unique package. Prior to the scheduled visit for your “Strategic Advance,” our team will create your very own customized “ShareSpace” that becomes the single source location for the entire plan. Built with your branding, involvement and direction, it includes a one-stop shop for Human Resources, On-Boarding, Operational Excellence, Marketing, Training Videos and Strategic Planning.


John and his team will visit your location and work to develop your strategic plan on site on the first day.  That evening, your “Vision, Values and Volition” along with your strategic plan will be uploaded into your customized “ShareSpace.”

The following day, John’s professional team will then film a customized “On-boarding” video program that is perfect for the attraction, retention and education of your top talent. That video will then become the foundation of your next five-year plan and will be housed on your customized “ShareSpace” for easy access and continuous execution.


For more information, see the downloadable pdf document. For pricing and availability, contact John directly at: john@johnkennedyconsulting.com



Senior Marketing Director

Cape May Resorts

"John is a powerhouse of positive influence who drives noticeable change within the organizations he guides. Our company hired John last year to design and deliver a robust Leadership Academy program. I was honored to have been part of such a well-crafted program that gave each of the participants new tools and perspectives to help the company advance and grow. With John’s help, the program spawned new ideas that have already been put into practice. We can already see the benefits of these efforts and we are most appreciative for John’s careful guidance and coaching. On a personal level, I have been inspired to implement changes in the way I engage with my team and enjoy the benefits of becoming a better leader. I am most grateful for John’s mentorship and I highly recommend John for any company seeking to evolve and grow."