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John Kennedy has facilitated his “Corporate Advance” (“retreat” means the opposite of “advance!”) program to over 100 organizations, associations and agencies committed to forward-thinking and strategic planning. His Start Moving Mountains” platform is utilized by each of his strategic planning clients and is the very best way to drive engagement, accountability, and execution of your game plan. (See sample below)


The completed roadmap is then uploaded into the client’s very own customized “ShareSpace” created to offer a single-source location for all elements of the strategic plan. Everything your employees need to know and execute can be found within seconds. (See sample under "Curbside Consulting" Tab)


John also offers Executive Coaching” to continue to engage your existing or emerging management team in effective leadership development, accountability and traction. (See sample within Start Moving Mountains)


The overall outcome is a balanced approach to “Vision, Values, and Volition” along with an Accountability Coach to ensure measurement, metrics and traction are being delivered on a consistent basis. Without traction and accountability, it’s just a plan!


Vice President,

Ravens Stadium Operations

“John Kennedy Consulting has been providing world-class training programs for the Raven’s organization over the last four years. His dynamic message and commitment to excellence has been a great fit for our Ravens Stadium Team Members, as well as the exceptional fan experience we are committed to delivering each and every day.”


Sample Company: Start Moving Mountains & Executive Coaching

Sample ShareSpace: Navigate a Live Intranet Site

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