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Meet John.

A professional speaker, strategist and author who, for over two decades, has been building and delivering leadership, team work, sales, service and success strategies to companies, agencies, associations and to over 500,000 audience members worldwide…one innovative idea at a time.​

John has crafted a rock solid reputation by delivering the right results in an accelerated manner…he is “the catalyst” for change, growth and innovation and would love to share his experience with you on your time and on your terms.

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John Kennedy Consulting is dedicated to enhancing lives both personally and professionally by approaching organizational challenges with innovative solutions that direct continuous improvement and deliver consistent outcomes.


John Kennedy Consulting drives success through accountability, measurement, and engagement.


John Kennedy Consulting guides all personal and professional decisions through passion, faith, integrity and humility.


John offers a wide range of organizational development skills for companies, associations, and agencies. From executive coaching and leadership development to strategic planning and accountability, if there is a need for alignment, vision, intention and execution, John Kennedy Consulting will navigate your team through the process.


Strategic Planning

Building your corporate roadmap with "Vision, Values, and Volition" - Let's start moving mountains one rock at a time.


Keynotes and Workshops

Live or virtual customized presentations and programs for companies, conferences and agencies.


John Kennedy Studios

Professionally created, produced and delivered videos that support your commitment to employee development & lifelong learning.

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Creating a culture of measurement, engagment, communication and accountability.

Success Stories


Senior Marketing Director

Cape May Resorts

Exxon Mobile

Created and delivered a series of workshops to enhance team decision-making, problem solving, and time and task management.
Outcomes: A streamlined system of communication, increased productivity and enhanced team morale.


Similar Clients Include:

United States Air Force

Contracted to create a private sector mentality within a public sector culture as it pertains to leadership and the ability to deliver a better customer experience. The Services Group of USAF had to compete better against the "off-base" offerings that the families, soldiers and airman had throughout the world. "How do we keep them spending their money "on-base" more often?"
Outcomes: The willingness and ability to embrace change, adapt new insights and principles to deliver a level of service greater than any other competitor.


Similar Clients Include:

Marriott Hotels

Keynoted the "CFIRST" conference that brought a wide range of portfolio brand owners together to create synergy, systems and success.
Outcomes: Brand Consistency, Brand Pride, and Brand Identity


Similar Clients Include:


Baltimore Ravens

Custom crafted the "Ravens Experience" team development program to enhance the service and experience of each and every guest encounter.
For the last four years and over 2500 team members representing over 12 different entities within the M&T Stadium family, John and the Ravens engaged in a series of workshop highlighting the new expectations of the NFL fan.
Outcomes: A "Line of One Culture" where every member of the Ravens Experience Team united under one mission--Winning!


Similar Clients Include:




Director of Marketing

IOWA Wine Growers Association

Each year for our annual conference, we strive to find the best keynote speaker to entertain, educate and excite our audience and we hit the jackpot this year with John Kennedy! Not only were John and his wife, Souny, amazingly easy to work with, but they also provided additional marketing assets (videos, social promotions, industry related partnerships, etc.) that really helped boost interest and engagement with our audience, which in turn resulted in increased pre-registration for the event.


John brings a wonderful energy with him and has no problem keeping the audience fully engaged. While John and Souny are with you at your event, they really are 'all in', and are willing to go above and beyond to make your event successful. John not only served as our opening keynote speaker two days in a row, but he also hosted additional sessions to go more in depth on the topics he covered in those keynote sessions, for those attendees wanting more of a working session. The only downfall with having John as our keynote speaker - we don't know how we are going to find anyone better next year!

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